DClass Electronic

Brown classic torbie, Exotic

Sire: Tehy Taurus of Dclass x  x Dam: Caribean Providencia of Dclass


RW SGC D'Eden Lover Miss Cachuette

Brown spottet torbie, Exotic

Sire: GC Latin Lover Marco Polo DM x Dam: Ch Deden Lover Colomba


Cattage Bonny Swan

Black and white, Persian ( LH Exotic )

Sire: Luxury Toys Bently of Cattage X Dam Lovelycloud Ophelia of Cattage


Zendique Hokey Pokey

Black spottet classic tabby, Exotic

Sire: Zendique Yelutchi  x Dam: Zendique I love to Boogie


Photo soon

Zendique Lady Sings the Blue

Blue tortie Persian ( LH Exotic)

Sire:  RW SGC Maradan Gaudi x Dam: Ch Deden Lover Jolie Fille


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